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Athlete Spotlight: Zhoei Teasley

June 21, 2017

Twenty-four-year-old Zhoei Teasley is not the woman she once was.


Three years ago, Zhoei began a transformation she didn’t expect would take her to the place she’s at now.

Three years ago, Zhoei began taking steps to reclaim a life she was rapidly losing.


Briefly, after finishing school in Tennessee, Zhoei moved out to California to work for a rocket company as a welder. Subsequently, Zhoei was sexually assaulted for a period of 8 months by some of her male coworkers, prompting her to take a leave of absence from work, and then eventually forcing her to leave altogether. Consequently, Zhoei lost her apartment and moved back in with her parents. But more significantly, Zhoei was left in a psychologically compromised state. That is, her “experience”, had resulted in severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), depression, and chronic/acute stress.


“I ended up being highly medicated, which resulted in severe weight loss”, said Zhoei.

Zhoei was roughly 94lbs during this time, and was rapidly losing more weight as her psychological condition worsened.

“I was scared. I wouldn’t eat, sleep, change, or brush my teeth for months. I wouldn’t shower either. I would only shower with my mom in the bathroom. I was so scared of being naked, of feeling vulnerable”, said Zhoei.


But somehow, Zhoei managed to start getting herself to the gym.


She began lifting for “therapy”, and she began lifting heavy whenever she was angry, which Zhoei seemed to imply was often.


“Some days I would be at the gym for up to six hours”, said Zhoei.


However, Zhoei didn’t really envision her future in fitness until she saw a picture of American IFBB Pro Fitness/Figure Competitor and 2013 Olympia Champion, Dana Linn Bailey.


“When I saw her picture I said, “I want that body””, said Zhoei.


Zhoei began a supplement regimen and started focusing on getting the nutrition she needed.


Fast forward 3 years and I’d say she’s damn near her goal- Zhoei currently maintains a weight of approximately 150lbs, and it’s nearly all muscle.

But possibly more important, Zhoei now describes herself as “better”. While that might not mean she’s completely conquered all of her psychological obstacles, she’s arrived at a place where she no longer relies on medications or seeks psychiatric treatment. 


“I fell in love with training, and it gave me the structure I needed. Lifting gave me my life back”, said Zhoei.


Though she admits depression is still her biggest obstacle, which is only heightened by the realities of prep life, it’s clear even just sitting across from her that she’s no longer plagued by an overwhelming feeling of fear. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that Zhoei appears to be very sure of herself.


And that’s probably because Zhoei is no stranger to hard work. Having endured sexual assault and its aftermath as well as having been raised on a farm, where lifting, shoveling, hauling, etc. are daily activities, work, perseverance, and resilience are qualities Zhoei dons every day. It’s evidenced both in her physique and in her vision.


“I want nothing short of Ms. Olympia’s spot. I made it, and I’ll keep making it. I want to dominate, I don’t want to just compete”, said Zhoei.

Zhoei is looking forward to broadening her horizons as a Nutrishop Northridge athlete, and is also looking towards opening her own gym in the near future, where she'll have the opportunity to build others up - much like her self - through lifting.


I think there’s no question Zhoei will have it all.


Zhoei is currently training 7 days a week, hitting a fasted cardio session every morning, followed by a 60-80 min lifting session, and then another cardio session post workout/before bed.


Catch Zhoei on stage at the USA’s in 5 weeks.



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Our certified and experienced team will spend quality time with you and offer personalized service, including free customized meal plans and free InBody analysis readings, to help you reach your nutritional goals.

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