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Athlete Spotlight: Gabby Castillo

June 16, 2017

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with another one of Nutrishop Northridge’s inspiring athletes, Gabby Castillo.


Despite a morning chalk full of “prep brain”, Gabby agreed to have a chat with me about her fitness journey.


It’s not what I expected.


I think it’s safe to say that most people understand the stress that stems from not knowing exactly what’s going to happen after high school.


I think it’s safe to say that for many, that stress manifests in weight gain.


Although you wouldn’t know it now by looking at her now, those post-high school pounds found Gabby.


“Right after high school I was very heavy. The stress about leaving school really hit me and I was just eating whatever I wanted . . . My whole life I had been small. I didn’t have an eating disorder, I just didn’t really like food. I was picky. My parents had to force me to eat food. Like the whole day I wouldn’t even eat because I didn’t want the food . . . But I starting eating, and after high school I became my heaviest. I was pushing 180lbs,” said Gabby

To some of us, 180lbs doesn’t sound like a lot, but for Gabby, it represented approximately a 50lb weight increase.


But before we get into what happened after Gabby’s weight gain, I want to preface what’s to come with the following, and that is, Gabby is a sleeper. No, I don’t mean that she likes to sleep. Although I’m sure that’s something she craves being on competition prep. What I mean is, Gabby appears to be all about success, but without the pomp and circumstance. Her success kinda sneaks up on you.


She’s a wolf in the weeds.


Despite extreme anxiety about going to the gym, Gabby committed herself to shedding the pounds after receiving the gift of a gym membership from her sister for her 21st birthday.


So, while we were all getting blackout drunk when we were 21, Gabby was grinding through cardio sessions, and then eventually weight training, day in and day out.


By the time she was 22, she’d lost 30 lbs.


But Gabby hadn’t just lost a significant amount of weight, she found her purpose.


“That’s when things got serious. I was going every day . . . I had lost around 30lbs. I loved it, but at the same time I wasn’t happy. I wanted muscle . . . I wasn’t that person that said I don’t want to be that girl with muscles. I would get a lot of complements from people saying that I had the body type that was capable of putting on a lot of muscle. And I had always known that my legs were strong. So, I just really wanted to be strong. I loved the rush of being strong,” said Gabby


In 2015, Gabby attended her cousin’s first bodybuilding competition.


“Just even the smell of the tan. Seeing everyone. I knew I wanted to do this,” said Gabby.


She’d decided to commit herself to building her body.


Now, at 25 years old, Gabby is only a handful of months away from her second bodybuilding competition- she competed a year ago in women’s bikini, and soon she’ll be stepping on stage to compete in women’s figure.

Currently, Gabby is training an insane seven days a week, while also assisting customers in store at Nutrishop Northridge; spearheading demos; and working at BootCamp.


During her last prep Gabby expressed to me that she had a couple of “fumbles”, so she’s looking to “redeem” herself in this next competition.


“I want to tell myself that I was able to do it without having any problems of life hitting me, or things around me getting me down.”


And of course, she wants to place.


Keep an eye out for Gabby come November, when she’ll be once again hitting

the stage.


I have no doubt she’ll bring a great package.




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